Koloa Hawaii

Welcome to Koloa Hawaii (population 1,942).

Koloa in the State of Hawaii

Nestled on the picturesque south shore of Kauai, Koloa is a vibrant community that embodies the essence of island living. This historic town is a gateway to a plethora of recreational activities that Kauai is renowned for. Whether you're an adventurer seeking the thrill of hiking and surfing or someone looking for a serene day of sailing or snorkeling, Koloa has something for everyone.

Golf enthusiasts will be captivated by the lush landscapes of Poipu Bay and Kiahuna golf courses, two of Hawaii's premier golfing destinations located just minutes from Koloa. But the allure of Koloa doesn't end there. The Koloa Heritage Trail beckons history buffs and sightseers alike, offering a journey through time and culture. Art aficionados can meander through local art galleries, while nature lovers can bask in the beauty of pristine beaches and the awe-inspiring Waimea Canyon.

Conveniently located, Koloa is a mere 12 miles from Lihue Airport and Nawiliwili Harbor, making it an accessible haven for both residents and visitors. These transportation hubs provide seamless connectivity to and from the island, ensuring that Koloa remains a cherished destination on Kauai's map.

Come, immerse yourself in the charm of Koloa and experience the best of Kauai's tropical paradise.

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